Electricians For Residential Property


Older homes have a beauty and charm to them that draws in many homeowners. They also typically experience many electrical issues due to the advances made in technology that put extra strain on older equipment, combined with years of wear and tear.

Issues typically present themselves in a variety of ways, including regular popping of fuses, electrical outlets that only work occasionally, and fuse boards that are a discombobulated mess.

You may need Switchboard upgrade service if your home:

  • Was built before to 1960 (no circuit breakers)
  • Has recently had an addition built
  • Indoor lights frequently flicker or dim
  • Burning or Melting
  • Popping fuse when you are plugging an Appliance

If you aren’t sure whether you need a replacement, or you have other questions or concerns about your Electrical Switchboard, call us any time. Our Registered Electricians can handle any type of Switchboard replacement need.


Are you having a new home constructed in New Zealand? Are you planning on having the home you live in now renovated? In either situation, you will need the services of Qualified and Registered Master Electricians.

When hiring a company for these important services, you can’t just trust anyone. You need to find a service provider with a history of experience working on these types of jobs.

We are here for you – Eteck Electrical Ltd.

Our team is made up of Registered professionals who have the ultimate goal of delivering results that exceed your expectations.


What we include in this process differs based on the plan for your new house. However, generally what is provided includes all electrical services for home, heating systems, outlets, hot water units, fans lighting and more.

All fixed appliances that demand electricity, in addition to electrical outlets will have the required electrical wiring put in place during the new construction service we provide. We will run the cables to all the appliances, outlets, switches, and lighting fixtures in your new home


When it comes to electrical installation services, you can’t trust just any company. We are available to ensure the work done is not only done properly but also safely. If you are ready to get started, or have questions about the services we provide, reach out to our company today. We are here to ensure the services we provide exceed your desires and expectations.


While indoor lighting plays a major role in every room in your home, it is often haphazardly planned, resulting in less-than-favourable effects on the room. The right indoor lighting can
change a room from boring to magnificent.

At Eteck Electrical, we take great pride in helping you with all your indoor lighting needs. From standard indoor lighting to WIFI Smart lighting, we will always provide you with a service you can rely on at an affordable price.

Kitchen Lighting

Don’t underestimate the effects of the right lighting in the kitchen. Your kitchen is used for a variety of purposes, prepping the food, cleaning up the dishes, putting away the groceries,
and enjoying a meal with your family. Different tasks require different lighting.

Task Lighting

When you are prepping the food, working with sharp knives and hot stoves, the right indoor lighting can help keep you and your family safe in the kitchen. If you have a single light in the
middle of your kitchen that provides all the lighting for this important room, consider having Eteck Electrician install task lighting. Under-cabinet lighting is a great option for providing
task lighting directly onto your countertop work areas while pendant lights work well over kitchen islands.

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting, also known as ambient light, can present itself in many forms, including lighting above cabinets that removes the empty shadow space while adding a soft glow to the room. Many families also enjoy pendant lighting over the breakfast bar or kitchen island. As the kitchen has grown to become a congregating place in many homes, the professionals at Eteck can help install your indirect lighting to help you achieve just the right atmosphere.

Accent Lighting

Traditionally, guests coming over for dinner spent all their time in the dining and living room, but as the trend grows to include kitchen entertaining, decorative accent lighting can help
spotlight a favourite art piece or decorative focal point. No matter what your indoor lighting needs are, Eteck electricians can professionally install your accent lighting.

Bathroom Lighting

Whether you are getting ready in the morning, soaking in the tub, or tiptoeing in the middle of the night, your bathroom lighting is important. Rest assured that, no matter what lighting you choose to have in your bathroom, Eteck electricians will gladly install your lighting fixtures, heat lamps, and RCD protected power points in a professional way that ensures your electricity is safe in a room filled with moisture and water.

General Room Lighting

No matter what room you are looking to improve, Eteck electricians are qualified to be able to handle any size job. Our indoor lighting specialists can install, repair or replace all of the following:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Chandeliers
  • Track lighting
  • Pendant lights
  • Downlights
  • Heat lamps
  • Dome lighting
  • Suspended indirect
  • Cove lights
  • Wall mount lighting
  • Step lights
  • Under-cabinet lig
  • Pantry lighting

Lighting Design

Eteck Electrical goes beyond lighting installation to help ensure you have the right lighting for the right space. If you need help choosing the perfect lighting, or combination of lighting techniques, one of our certified lighting designers will work with you to ensure an outcome that fits your room and your style.


Lighting plays a major role in creating an inspiring and beautiful room—not to mention, a safe and comfortable environment. Smart Life offers a full range of smart lighting products that let you control virtually any lighting device – large or small, interior, or exterior, CFL or LED – exactly the way you choose. Smart Life technology enables you to integrate your lights with music, shades, locks, climate control and video—so that with just one touch, you can turn all the lights on or off, set the scene for bedtime or a dinner party, manage your energy use, or make sure that your home is safe and secure. You can even use your smartphone, tablet, or a PC with the Smart Life app to manage your lighting from virtually anywhere in the world for the ultimate in convenience and control.

The newest smart lighting control products from Smart Life feature a sophisticated design and a wide range of elegant colour options to perfectly complement your design aesthetic.

As the era of incandescent lighting coming to an end, now is an optimal time to upgrade your “dumb” lights to smart lights and start enjoying the power and convenience of an automated solution. Many of our customers claim that smart lighting is one feature of home automation that they cannot live without.


As the era of incandescent lighting coming to an end, now is an optimal time to upgrade your “dumb” lights to smart lights and start enjoying the power and convenience of an automated solution. Many of our customers claim that smart lighting is one feature of home automation that they cannot live without.

Eteck Electrical offers the complete electrical service experience for your home renovation project. Below is a comprehensive list of how we can assist throughout this exciting home-improvement chapter of your life

Home Renovation Services Provided: 

Home Entertainment 

One of the most common home-reno additions people make is the inclusion of a home entertainment system. This could include anything from a whole-house audio system to a full-fledged home theatre, complete with all the bells and whistles you have always wanted. Along the way, you can be sure of one thing: your entertainment upgrade will require electrical wiring from professionals who have the skill and finesse that these home-reno projects demand. When you partner with Eteck Electrical, this is exactly what you will receive.

Lighting Upgrades 

New lighting is one of the easiest ways to enhance your home-reno project efforts. Whether you are making the switch to swanky bar lighting or want to offset another area with understated pendant lighting, you may require electrical assistance from a professional and we are here for you.

For more information about our home-reno electrical services, call us at any time on 08004ETECK.


An electrical inspection will ensure your home or business’s wiring and other electrical components are in good working order and do not pose a hazard to yourself or your family.

A comprehensive electrical inspection may involve the following:

  • Determining any electrical hazards
  • Checking for uncovered permanent wiring
  • Checking for any exposed wires
  • Checking for outdated wiring
  • Testing safety switches
  • Examining the power box
  • Checking safety switches
  • Testing power points and lighting
  • Evaluating the level of electrical service
  • Assessing whether the home includes any DIY wiring
  • Noting the location of smoke alarms and testing them
  • Scanning for any electrical items that don’t comply with current government regulations

Knowing exactly when you need an electrical inspection done on your home can be tricky, which is why we’ve compiled a list of occasions where you may need an electrician to come and inspect the electrical system in your home.


An electrical inspection before buying a home is important to identify any dangerous electrical situations that may be very expensive to repair once the property has been purchased. An electrical inspection can also help you negotiate a lower price if you find any property faults.

A Building inspector will not normally inspect electrical wiring and smoke alarms, but these things are extremely important and should be checked before committing to buying a home. If your building inspection does not cover electrical aspects, it is recommended that you employ an electrician to look at the wiring, test the outlets, check the switchboard, look at smoke alarms and test the Earthing System.


If you have been experiencing any electrical problems like regular power outages or tripped circuit breakers you should consider an electrical inspection as it can identify any electrical safety problems or deficiencies. It should reveal if any electrical circuits or appliances are overloaded, if there has been any defective work carried out or if there are any problems with the earthing.

Other reasons to have an electrical inspection carried out include:

  • If the house is over 25 years old.
  • If you have old wiring.
  • If any DIY work has been carried out.


Even if you have been in your home for some time, you still need electrical inspections. You may not know that but it’s your responsibility to have a safe home. This includes using electricity in a safe manner. The rules may vary but the Fair Trading provides these five simple rules for people to remember to comply with their legal safety responsibilities. These include:


It’s essential to make sure that your appliances, fittings, electrical wiring, earthing connections and switchboard are all in good working order – especially if your property is over 25 years old. If you ever suspect a problem, always contact a Registered Master Electrician to do a check of the premises.

Get a Certificate of compliance if electrical work is carried out on the property

If you have any electrical work done on the property, your electrician should give you a uniquely numbered Certificate of Compliance as proof that the work has been tested and checked, ensuring it complies with the regulations. This is the case all over New Zealand, and it’s important to keep records for future electrical work.

Consider installing safety switches

If you haven’t already done so, seriously consider installing a Residual Current Device (RCD). RCD’s, monitor current flow and protect you from faulty wiring and appliances by providing a fast power cut in problem situations. As electrical hazards are often hard to identify, RCDs are crucial devices that can protect you and your family from hidden dangers, serious injuries or death.

Contact your landlord immediately if there are any electrical problems

If you rent your property, report any electrical issues to your real estate agent or landlord immediately. Electrical repairs should be considered a priority as landlords are legally
obliged to ensure all electrical fittings and installations are properly maintained and kept in safe working order.

Inform your electrical provider if any electrical accident occurs that requires medical attention

Any electrical accident where medical treatment is required must be reported by law to your electricity provider.

Always use a Registered Master Electrician

Follow these steps and always err on the side of caution when it comes to electricity, as a delayed inspection can have hazardous consequences. Remember, an electrical inspection should always be conducted by a Registered and experienced Electrician. If you ever have any questions regarding when you should have an electrical inspection conducted on your property, call us on 0800 438324 and speak to us for advice.