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Electricians For Residential Property

Are you planning to buy a new home? Do you require upgrading your home lighting system? Get the best and most advanced residential electrical services from the most reliable residential electricians at affordable rates.

For a house, electrical wiring and components act as a lifeline. Any damage done to these components can lead to a stressful and uncomfortable situation. Eteck Electrical Ltd offers various installation, repair and maintenance electrical services that ensure you get the most comfortable and hassle-free environment.

We offer a range of electrical services, which include:

Switch Board Upgrades

Many times replacing a new appliance or electrical component puts extra strain on the switchboard. It makes the switchboard prone to wear and tear. It leads to the consistent popping of fuses and cluttered switchboards. Your switchboards require an upgrade if there are cases of frequent popping of fuses, burning or melting of wires, additional load due to the addition of heavy electrical appliances.

When our team of experts visit your home, they assess your requirements and provide you with a perfect solution to your switchboard replacement needs.

New Built Homes

If you are planning to construct or renovate your home in New Zealand,  you certainly require the services of a professional master electrician. We at Eteck Electrical Ltd offer reliable and trustworthy services. Our customers believe in us as we hold vast experience in these types of jobs.

Our services for newly constructed projects include:

  •         All electrical services for home, heating systems, outlets, hot water units, fans lighting and more.
  •         Proper electrical outlets along with safe electrical wiring effectively placed during the new construction.

Indoor Lighting

Proper indoor lighting is essential for every room. At Eteck Electrical Ltd, we help you with all your indoor lighting needs at affordable prices.

Our indoor lighting services include kitchen lighting, task lightings such as under-cabinet lighting, indirect lighting, accent lighting, bathroom lighting and general room lighting. These services include outlets for ceiling fans, chandeliers, pendant lights, downlights, heat lamps, cove lights and many more.

Lighting Design

If an appropriate lamp is placed in the right space, it provides better lighting. We at Eteck Electrical Ltd have professional lighting designers to ensure that you get perfect lighting solutions that augment your home interiors.

Wifi Smart lighting Control

Smart lighting products let you control lighting the way you want. Blending light with sound, shades and climatic control further enhances the decor of the house. At Eteck Electrical, we ensure that you get the facility of smart light for better living.

Electrical Renovations

Electrical renovation is essential to transform and upgrade your home. Upgrade your old models of electric devices with the latest electrical solutions. Our professional electricians would help you discover better electric technology for comfortable and high-quality living. Our services include the installation of a home entertainment system and various lighting upgrades.

Home Safety Inspections

We at Eteck Electrical Ltd understand that safety comes first. Our home inspection experts find out possible factors that might become bigger problems in future. Our home inspection services include:

  • Determining any electrical hazards
  • Checking for uncovered, outdated and exposed wiring
  • Testing and checking safety switches
  • Examining and testing the power box, power points and lighting
  • Evaluating the level of electrical service, which includes testing and locating smoke alarms
  • Scanning for any electrical items that don’t comply with government regulations

Why Choose Us?

When you choose an electrical company, it has to be reliable and experienced. We are your top pick for all your electrical needs in LOCATION. Our team of experts understand your requirements and provide you with safe and efficient electrical services. For any queries, reach out to us, and we will provide services that exceed your expectations.