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Heating and Ventilation

Winters can be cold and harsh. But not in case you have an efficient Heat Pump. However, these devices might leave you cold if they get damaged or are not working properly. At Eteck Electrical and we ensure that the heat pump gets repaired for your comfort and safety. Our experienced and dedicated team of experts can repair all makes and models.

We offer a 24/7 heat pump repair service. We also provide regular maintenance of the pumps to ensure they are working in perfect condition so that you don’t have to face any problems later on.

Installation and replacement

We understand that a worn-out heat pump costs more than its new counterpart. Therefore, we help you find the problems in your heat pump and provide solutions for them. If a replacement is required, we help you find the best heat pumps that fit your requirements. Our trained installers get the job of replacement and installation done in one go, thus saving your time and money.


We understand the importance of proper maintenance of the pump. A heat pump that is well maintained gives hassle-free service for years. With timely and efficient maintenance, we can optimise the device’s performance, prevent breakdowns and boost energy efficiency.


Our maintenance services include:

  •         Maintenance will always include:
  •         Checking system’s performance
  •         Cleaning of filters, airways, and evaporator Inspect electrical wiring
  •         Test and clean Check refrigerant levels and pressure, identifying any leaks
  •         Check compressor amperage
  •         Inspect insulation and pipework
  •         Clean and sanitise all units (annually)
  •         Test system in heating and cooling modes
  •         Complete service report

Ventilation systems

The main function of an in-house ventilation system is to draw in the warm air, freshen it up, and release it into the house where it is installed. It ensures damp air is removed and is replaced by fresh air.

Everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning, showering etc., lead to an unhealthy environment. Pollutants and moisture further contribute to this and make the place unfit for living.

We, at Eteck Electrical, install and maintain PIV or in-house ventilation systems that improve air quality inside your homes.


We deliver the best electrical services to help you live a comfortable life. We ensure that our customers do not have to face any issues related to their house or office’s electrical requirements. We work silently and have a friendly approach. Our master electricians are updated and use innovative tools and equipment.

Our customer service is ready 24/7 to cater to your emergency requirements. We ensure that you receive the one-stop solution in time.