Heating and Ventilation


At Eteck Electrical, we know how important your Heat Pump can be. Sometimes, especially on those incredibly cold winter days, you need your Heat Pump fixed as soon as possible, not only for comfort but for health and safety reasons. We service and repair all makes and models. Our expert, friendly service technicians will show up on time, diagnose your problem and fix it quickly. We are incredibly knowledgeable about Heat Pump repair from years of experience working in the field. Our team is highly trained and registered to carry out repairs correctly and efficiently.

We offer 24/7 emergency Heat Pump repair service

Remember, the best way to prevent emergency Heat Pump repairs is to have your unit serviced on a regular basis. Don’t wait until your Heat Pump isn’t working to call us. Regular maintenance can save you thousands in unwanted repair or replacement costs!


Heat Pump becomes a vital part of your life during the peak of winter. Stay warm and save on energy costs with a new energy-efficient Heat Pumps in New Zealand. Whether you are installing new or replacing an old, worn-out unit that costs more than it warms, you can count on ETECK ELECTRICAL to choose the right unit for your home.

Choosing an expensive appliance like a heat pump can be a daunting task when you don’t know the field well. We can guide you through the decision-making process, and our high-quality installers will get the job done right. We will explain all the different possibilities for you and recommend a heat pump that will meet the needs of you and your home.

We want your new Heat Pump to last you many winters, so we make sure it meets your needs and is installed the way it should be. We carefully select the right unit to match our tough climate so you can rest easy knowing your new system will perform perfectly for years to come!

How the System Works!


Systems that go without maintenance typically lose 5% efficiency every year. Regular maintenance is vital for all Heat Pump to optimise performance, prevent breakdowns and boost energy efficiency.

Failing to service your Heat Pump units can cause blockages in your system. These can cause the units to short cycle and consume much more energy, as well as leading to water leaks. ETECK carries out planned and reactive maintenance, whether we’ve installed your system or not. Maintenance visits vary depending on your system, environment and the work that needs doing.

Maintenance will always include:

  • How the system is performing and address any concerns
  • Clean filters, airways, and evaporator coils
  • Inspect electrical wiring
  • Test and clean condensate drains
  • Check refrigerant levels and pressure, identifying any leaks
  • Check compressor amperage
  • Inspect insulation and pipework
  • Clean and sanitise all units (annually)
  • Test system in heating and cooling modes
  • Complete service report


An in-house ventilation system, also known as “positive input” ventilation (PIV) is when the naturally warmed air (from a roof cavity) is drawn into a fan that filters and freshens the air and delivers it back into the main living spaces of a home.

Through this process the damp air is naturally forced out and replaced by the refreshed, healthy air from the fan.

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV), or more simply, in-house ventilation, is very important in making your house a healthier place to live. The in-house air pollutants and moisture produced can contribute to an unhealthy environment. Evidence of this includes:

  • High dust levels,
  • Condensation on windows and walls,
  • Mould and mildew on ceilings, and
  • A generally damp, cold feeling inside the house

Everyday living activities causes these problems: such as cooking, drying clothes in the drier, and showering all lead to moisture being produced into the household atmosphere; using aerosol sprays produces pollutants, warming the house via freestanding gas heaters, the main by-product of gas being water vapour.

We also give off an estimated 2 Litres of moisture (per person) from our own human bodies each day.

If you are producing or introducing moisture into your home, then mould can generate.

If you do live in a “damp” house, i.e. you have over 60% humidity levels/moisture content in the air, there is also the problem of dust particles being trapped and settling on moist surfaces, which then the mould spores will land on and can generate more mould.


PIV gently supplies tempered, filtered air back into the home using heat from within the roof space.

Customers have commented on improvements in their previous health troubles with conditions such as Asthma and Respiratory Infections, due to installing a system to improve the air quality of their home.

PIV systems have also been known to additionally benefit the customer by way of reduced energy usage (a net energy gain): using less energy to heat the dry air within your home, rather than heating the moisture particles in a damp house (which uses more energy.)