Trusted Electricians For Commercial Buildings


The construction of a new commercial building involves several professional trades working to complete the project.

At Eteck Electrical, we can handle the wiring, lighting, security, and other electrical components of your new construction project. Our team is Registered, Qualified and available to ensure your building is setup properly the first time.

At Eteck Electrical, we can handle the wiring, lighting, security, and other electrical components of your new construction project. Our team is Registered, Qualified and available to ensure your building is setup properly the first time.

Some of the services we offer are highlighted below:

  • Retail shop electrical fit-out.
  • Commercial installations for cafés, schools, etc.
  • Commercial 3 phase power installation.
  • Warehouse & storage facility electrical fit-out.
  • Security systems including CCTV.
  • Exit & emergency lighting installation.


At Eteck Electrical, we have worked to make our company a well-known name in the commercial service industry. We have done this by providing superior, reliable services, without excuses.

While our team provides quality electrical component installation services, we are also available for other service needs that may arise in the future.

Just like any other part of your property, such as the plumbing, structure, etc., electrical components need maintenance and service from time to time. This is where our team comes in. Some of the services include:

  • Switchboard upgrades where necessary
  • Emergency lighting & exit lighting
  • Lamp replacement & LED upgrades
  • Electrical equipment test & tag
  • Timeclock resetting & sensor resetting, after daylight saving
  • Fault diagnosis & troubleshooting
  • Electrical safety inspection


An “Independent Qualified Person” is required to ensure buildings are safe and comply with current regulations. Eteck Electrical specializes in emergency lighting inspection, design, and installation. Emergency lighting is closely regulated and must be tested and maintained every six months. Buildings requiring a Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) must have a certification that their emergency lighting system has been inspected, maintained, and reported on in accordance with NZ safety standards and the buildings compliance schedule. Form 12A must be completed
annually by an IQP registered electrician to gain compliance.

We currently complete Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) emergency lighting inspections for various facilities including schools, shopping centres, restaurants, and retail outlets.

We pride ourselves on providing a prompt and efficient system and provide a hasslefree service to ensure you are always compliant without having to lift a finger. We contact you to remind you a scheduled visit will occur and check you are happy with the dates, do the inspection and make all reports available, simple as that.

Six Monthly Emergency Lighting Service

  • We will inform you when it needs to be tested
  • We will then book an Electrician to test your system
  • We will inform if any maintenance work needs done and provide a cost. General maintenance commonly includes light, battery, and fitting replacements.
  • Once agreed on the price we will complete the work and provide you a coc.
  • Annually, we will follow the same process. However, we will provide you with a completed 12A form that can be registered with the council.

We will put together a planned inspection to suit your requirements. Call us today or email to arrange a consultation and site visit.

Design and Installation of Emergency lighting

Eteck Electrical can assist you by providing a professional design and install service, ensuring your installation is compliant.

What we can do for you when you planning to do alterations to existing commercial buildings or planning to build a new one.

  • Provide PS1 design (required by the council)
  • Review the design plan onsite
  • Install emergency lighting system
  • We will then provide a PS3 and certificate of compliance

Call us now to arrange a consultation or email your project plans to and we will get in touch on time.



The main purpose of a burglar alarm is to detect and signal the presence of an intruder entering the protected area. The full system comes together using various detection devices, indoor/outdoor siren and keypads which are all connected to the control unit.

Eteck Electrical can supply and install alarm systems to suit any kind of property, whether you’re protecting your home or workplace. We make the best use of current technology to customise a system to suit your requirements and budget.

Advances in technology now gives our customers the ability to control their alarm through their Smartphones, including any devices attached to the alarm; i.e. doors, gates, lighting and practically any electrical device.

Get your assets protected, contact Eteck Electrical for a free security assessment and a free no-obligation quote from our trained security technician.

Defend and protect your home from intruders as this will also save you money on your insurances.


All properties require an upgraded form of a security surveillance system. We have high-definition digital video surveillance cameras available to suit any budget.

Our system will provide clear images in all lighting situations to provide 24/7 coverage of your property. A good setup security camera can deter shoplifters, intruders, and dishonest staff as well as recording accidents or at-risk situations.



Eteck Electrical provides an entire installation service from one camera to multiple camera networks.

These High-quality camera systems use the newest state-of-the-art equipment to discourage intruders from your home or business.

You can view your camera from anywhere within the world! Using the free app to access your camera system securely, which offers peace of mind knowing you are still able to view your home or business while you’re away.


An intercom system allows you to communicate more conveniently in your home or business. These systems can also help you to request assistance when you are facing an emergency.

We deliver effective and simple-to-use intercom systems with video surveillance, remote control and mobile app. We are available 24/7 to provide solutions for all your intercom needs. We offer a full range of services for traditional wired intercom systems and wireless intercoms. We can install a range of intercom systems at your premises. We can tailor a package to suit your individual needs including residential, apartments, retail and commercial installations.

Keep your family or employees safe and secure.

  • Answer calls 24 hours a day with night vision included
  • High resolution full colour / video screens with 2 way communication
  • Smartphone app available for Android and iPhone
  • Upgrade to a new system and use your existing cablin

We are committed to providing high-quality services at fair prices. Call us today 08004ETECK to see an intercom system that will suit your business or home.