Electrician Mount Roskill, Auckland

Eteck Electrical Ltd has a team of skilled electricians in Mount Roskill who provide comprehensive solutions for all residential and commercial electrical repairs and maintenance needs.

Our dedicated team makes all your electrical repairs, upgrades and installations a hassle-free process by first determining the problem, planning the course of action and implementing it without compromising quality. Our trusted electricians will provide an honest and reliable service, keeping you informed at every step of the way.

Professional Electrical Services in Mt Roskill & Surrounding Suburbs

We at Eteck Electrical Ltd offer various electrical services for residential and commercial properties. Some of the services we offer are:

Installation: We install a new electrical system, lighting, electrical components and more for your business and residential premises. We ensure that all electrical installations are done in such a way that they function efficiently for years.

Maintenance: Our dedicated maintenance program helps reduce the number of system faults or hazards that might arise and cause disruptions in your daily activities.

Renovation: Our renovation services include exciting home-improvement options such as lighting upgrades, home entertainment systems, and home safety systems. If you require more information about our renovation services, call us today.

Repairs: The electrical repair works are carried out by qualified and registered electricians. It helps you save time and money and minimises the risk of systems malfunctioning.

For all your queries related to the electrical wiring, upgrade or repairs in your home or offices, get in touch with our team at Eteck Electrical Ltd today.

Residential & Commercial Electricians Mount Roskill

At Eteck Electrical Ltd, we patiently listen to our customers’ requirements and develop a well-thought-out program that efficiently caters to all their needs. Our residential & commercial electricians in Mount Roskill believe in building lifelong relationships with all of our customers.

Our electrical services speak volumes about the work we do. We ensure that the work done is always of the highest standards and well within the defined protocols. It has helped us gain your trust and appreciation for all types of electrical works we have carried out.

Our services are prompt and cost-effective and are designed to reduce or eliminate any interruptions that might hinder the smooth functioning of the electrical components.